Healthy and safe services with respect to children and parents.
Knowing the beneficial effects of infant swimming (baby swimming)
to your baby's physical and mental health, we offer our long experience
and our modern facilities at affordable prices.

Baby Swimming

baby swimming

Baby swimming is the only physical activity that an infant can follow from the age of three months old! It has multiple beneficial effects in many areas such as the neuromuscular development, the cardiovascular function, the immune system and the sensitive souls of babies and toddlers!

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Aqua Aerobic for Pregnants

Hydrogymnastic for Pregnant Women

Mild aerobic exercise in the pool, with high standards of hygiene and safety that helps you maintain your fitness and prepare your body for delivery. The buoyancy of the water relieves you from the weight of the child, the back pain and creates the ideal environment for physical activity during pregnancy!

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Children Party

Children Party

We offer you the opportunity to organize something unique and special for your child’s birthday! A fantastic pool party with entertaining, creative and fun games in the water! The supervision of course will be held by our swimming instructors – lifeguards.

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Free Lesson

Call us and make a reservation for a free lesson in order to see our pool hall and get acquainted with our activities.



"Gorgones kai Mages" is the exclusive partner of Aristotle University on the subject of baby swimming and therefore implements educational program approved by the most qualified and competent body. All our trainers are university graduates (Physical Education) and qualified lifeguards.


The cleanliness of the water is ensured by double disinfection system! Ozonation and salt water chlorination work together in order to provide perfect disinfection results! Furthermore, analyses that are held on a weekly basis by an accredited laboratory are posted on the bulletin board.


Besides the intense measures taken during the construction our facilities, "Gorgones & Mages" in order to make you feel completely secure, offers in collaboration with Groupama, free insurance during the lesson, your way to our pool and back! (One hour before and one hour after the lesson).

Value for Money

Years of experience, top class facilities, fastest training results and low prices, compose the most attractive service package and demonstrate the respect we treat for our babies and their parents!

We have a defined goal

The healthy mental and physical development of children, their proper socialization, the strengthening of parent – child connection and the creation of bases for a life with physical activity and health.

We are a big

The love for our children, their pure baby souls, their smiles, unite us in a very warm relationship. Besides, above anything else, we are all parents.

We improve ourselves constantly

We are concerned and we are working relentlessly to improve our services and facilities.

We have specific training system

The system we follow is fun and enjoyable for the children and has been developed through years of experience and continuous update.


Since January 2008, infants and toddlers, learn the secrets of safe swimming.



Lesson Hours

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