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Operating Licence
The Gorgones & Mages, has a valid operating license and therefore the adequacy of facilities and quality of our services, is approved by the relevant authorities.


Do I need to buy any equipment?
The only equipment needed is a special disposable diaper or baby swimsuit, that can be purchased from children's clothing stores or from us.

Health and Safety

What medical certificates are required for registration?
We need a certificate from a pediatrician for every baby that participates in our lessons and for the adults that accompany them a certificate from a cardiologist or a general doctor.

On this issue, we wish to make the following clarifications:
  • The purpose of these certificates is solely the protection of the person who submits them and is asked only as a medical approval for their participation in swimming lessons. Under no circumstances they aren’t asked because they contribute to the protection of the other swimmers. This can be easily understood, because quite simply, someone who is healthy when registering will not necessarily remain healthy until the completion of the courses and of course it is not possible to renew the certificate, (which has emerged after extensive medical /microbiological examination) before every entrance in the pool. Furthermore, the swimming pools are not able to check the authenticity of these certificates, nor of course to base the hygiene of the pool water on them.
  • The hygiene and the purity of the water can only be ensured by:
    • The use of a modern and certified disinfection system which does not allow the presence in the water of elements that could prove harmful to people who use the pool.
    • Frequent microbiological tests of water, by a certified laboratory.

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